"An extraordinary gentleman; I find his discussions fresh, fast-paced, right on target in hitting all the important principles, and extremely uplifting and inspirational."

− Alice Hoffman, National Space Society Director, Chicago IL

"Buck, thanks to you and your team for this analysis of Gravity Probe B decision risk. I'd like to to present you this (award) from NASA for your work."

− Ed Hoffman, NASA Chief Knowledge Officer, Washington DC

"Buck Field is the person I call 'the smartest person in the room'. He's got the necessary methodology, and I believe he has the best plan..."

− Mike Mongo, Chief Brand & Culture Officer, Key West FL

"I enjoyed getting to know Buck during our project. He was helpful and provided us with well-supported solutions; He increased our value with the client. Our solution came in on schedule, and with twice the capability we'd hoped."

− Jeoff Lemont, Stratfor, Beijing

"In 10 minutes you identified something that took my team 2 weeks."

− US Air Force Major General Jay G. Santee, Dep. Director, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, San Diego CA

"Thanks for the nice charts, and thanks for the awesome presentation!"

− R Krishnamurthy, Project Management Institute, Chennai India

"What would it take to get you to join us full-time?"

− Mike O'Neill, Citigroup, Dallas TX

"GREAT presentation; Thanks!"

− Victor Casillas Mendoza, Emerson, Mexico City

"Let me know if I can place a testimonial on any social media!"

− Rosemary Hossenlopp, VLC Leader, Organizational Project Management, San Francisco CA

Information vs. Data

Valuable information is data that enables reliable guidance toward important goals. Development of new structures to interpret data is the least expensive, highest ROI approach known in business, science, or government.

Award Winning Quality

Awards and accolades for Field Operative projects include government (NASA, DoD, DoE, NSF), academic institutions in the Americas, EMEA, and China, and information businesses (IBM, Microsoft, CapitalOne, Citigroup).

Standards-Based Work

Radical innovation is risky, that’s why Field Operative adheres to proven standards for good, detailed planning. That way, we can identify & correct mistakes before we make them in the real world, which is much cheaper and better.


‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ The ability to visualize data structures easily, deliver “unobtainable” information, and predict the “unknowable”  is a gift. It is my art, specialty…and passion!

Don’t compete. Instead: use your unique assets to create advantage.

Design to Align

…with the organizational environment, and strategic objectives. Of course, this requires them to be documented, understood, and agreed on.

Use Science Abilities

…which by several measures, are rightly considered the most productive and reliable cognitive toolset for thinking ever developed. Use \’em or lose \’em!


…to unique organizational and project situations; they always vary. Make the most rigorous practices by paying attention to the situation and tailoring methods to respond flexibly. It helps deliver the appropriate balance between agility and rigor.

Video Communication

…using engaging visuals, emotionally powerful audio, and combined with live interaction can teach, inspire, and educate more effectively than any other mode of communication.


…defines the framework of how organizational nervous systems operate. It provides the tools for decision making. Ensure the right tool for the right job is being used by outside assessment.


…business information systems support management by exception, optimizing normal operations for leaders, managers, and administrators to invest in improvement and ensuring good strategy.