Buck Field, MBA, PMP, CPM

Facilitating data engineering, knowledge architecture, and project management, we build trust and solve tough information challenges.

I bring best-practices, an outsider’s view, and solution ideas from a broad range of situations to improve organizational understanding, confidence, and accuracy on tough information challenges. Information analysis from perspectives of reliability, risk, and epistemology.


Knowledge transformation is profound change in understanding. It occurs when our interpretation of observations shifts in a manner that does not conform to a previously assumed framework. Optical illusions demonstrate this delightfully, as seen in OK-GO’s wonderful “Writing on the Wall” music video.

Lego MDM

Going well beyond generally-accepted master data management standards, I favor low level, backup of original source data with extensive SME definitions to reduce risk. I call this the “Lego approach”.

In my experience, gains in capabilities of intelligence, disaster recovery, upgradability, and strategic lessons-learned are more than worth the time and money.

Spectacular value derives from this approach to strategic information initiatives that create complex data structures, in the same way Legos simplicity and reliability enables it to do the same for physical structures.


Buck Field, MBA PMP CPM
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