"Fresh, fast-paced, and right on target; Hits important principles, is uplifting and inspirational."

− Alice Hoffman, National Space Society Director, Chicago IL

"Thanks to you and your team for this excellent analysis."

− Ed Hoffman, NASA Chief Knowledge Officer, Washington DC

"'The smartest person in the room'. He's got the necessary methodology, and the best plan..."

− Mike Mongo, Chief Brand & Culture Officer, Key West FL

"Enjoyed getting to know Buck, with well-supported solutions he increased our value with the client."

− Jeoff Lemont, Stratfor, Beijing

"In 10 minutes you identified something that took my team 2 weeks."

− US Air Force Major General Jay G. Santee, Dep. Director, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, San Diego CA

"Thanks for the nice charts, and thanks for the awesome presentation!"

− R Krishnamurthy, Project Management Institute, Chennai India

"What would it take to get you to join us full-time?"

− Mike O'Neill, Citigroup, Dallas TX

"GREAT presentation; Thanks!"

− Victor Casillas Mendoza, Emerson, Mexico City

"Let me know if I can place a testimonial on any social media!"

− Rosemary Hossenlopp, VLC Leader, Organizational Project Management, San Francisco CA

Time for a Consultant?

If you have needs listed in this section, hiring a consultant is likely a good idea. To the right are  3 needs where consultants usually provide the greatest value. From strategic priorities of global scope to onsite infosec audits: I provide expert, goal-specific intelligence; Methods to accomplish this appears below.

Neutral Party Needed

Consultants enter organizations without excess baggage like political alliances or turf to protect. We are largely free from management pressures and historical priorities that can impede progress. Consultants have greater freedom to look at situations without bias, to think about and discuss them objectively.

External Perspective

Exposure to many organizations develops skills dealing successfully with diverse environments, problems, and solutions. This provides a large set of tools to to overcome roadblocks, create new areas of opportunity, and productively develop them. We offer new approaches, extra hands, and the ability to clearly address politically risky, internal topics with leaders.

Passion for Intel

The ability to analyze data, synthesize information from it, and visualize processing systems and structures to maximize their impact and value is my niche. Deriving knowledge previously considered unattainable and building knowledge systems to deliver it automatically is the best part of my work.

Don’t compete: use unique assets (and challenges) to create unique advantages!

I Provide a Disinterested Party

My objective knowledge, analysis, and output toward project success is rarely available to internal employees on tough projects because they have longer-term concerns like career advancement, increasing budgets, and talent management.

I Bring Specialist Expertise

While particularly relevant for small-staff organizations, large operations also need custom strategic intelligence on environment, trends, and context. To carry staff with such skills on a full-time basis usually makes no financial sense.

I Build Consensus

Consultants can facilitate divergent opinions more easily than an internal person would. Good ones synthesize multiple opinions into what works across organizational boundaries, building bridges between vendors, staff, agencies, departments, and leadership.

I Deliver Hard Truths:

If the change were easy, your organization would have done it already. Typically, inability to deal with internal challenges causes delays. Outsiders’ opinions tend to be more valued, provide a fresh look, and can deflect blow-back on tough decisions, and absorb the remainder without weakening long-term relationships.

I Provide an Extra Pair of Hands

Sometimes simply augmentation for the team is needed. When staff is fully committed, urgent situations still pop up. If delay on feasibility assessment, the charter, plan, execution, etc., may not be smart. A freelance consultant has the flexibility to help immediately.

I Facilitate Information Solutions

Consultants like me allow problem-solving meetings to complete more quickly and with better solutions based on collaboration among divergent interests. As a temporary agent, I can ask: “Who will do this, and when?” without encroaching on territory or undermining anyone’s authority.

I Provide Independent Verification

To protect organizations, an external and objective voice is often necessary. Due-diligence requires reviews, audits, and inspections to be independent. Consultants provide an expert, impartial perspective neither volunteers nor staff can supply.

I Start Fresh

Consultants see many different organizational models and solutions. We understand common problems and become expert at solving them. Those of us with a passion for our practice, take pride in building new, custom solutions to information challenges.