Improve results through better decisions with greater confidence.

The greatest needs are typically fuller and more clear understanding of our goals and values.

Examine a poor decision of the past you know well. In it, you will find decisionmakers’ had gaps in their understanding of the situation’s scope. Greater clarity and certainty was needed, and this led to mistakes of direction.

When we meet these needs, 99% of our information and decision support challenges are ably met, often with unexpected side benefits.

Along with best-practices, I bring an outsider’s view and solution ideas from a broad range of situations to improve understanding, confidence, and accuracy on tough information challenges. Information analysis from perspectives of reliability, risk, and epistemology.

I build trust through competence, honesty, and fairness with respect for individuals, relationships, and diversity. Creating new, high-value information systems and software is one of the joys in my career. When your situation needs this combination of skills and perspective, feel free to reach out.