My take:

Analysis is the activity most focused on integration of the current project with every aspect of the organization which it affects and which affect it.

Analysis is (always?) part of managing any project well, to ensure the work performed gains value in the right directions.

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PMI’s definition:

Project Management Institute guidelines are arguably the best official standards in the world at any one time, *however*….


Sometimes standard advice causes us to overlook critical near-term factors in favor of organization needs and goals.


UI/UX for example… “customer delight” is usually best defined as being *unconscious*.  The best interface is invisible in the same way really good writing is.


When reading Hamlet’s Soliloquy, we engage in relating the character’s poignant existential despair to our own lives and our fear of death. The letters, words, and page/screen? Invisible.


Good UI provides what the user wants in a way that is similarly invisible; Great UI invisibly delivers more than they initially knew they’d want or need, but we did.


Who doesn’t love that?  🙂

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