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Ccreative problem-solving and design-thinking for issues difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements which frequently cannot be identified or recognizes. “Wicked Problem” refers to ideas or problems that have no definite fix. “Wicked” does not mean “evil” in the context, but rather: resistant to analysis and/or solution

Nothing really bounds the problem solving process – it is experienced as ambiguous, fluid, complex, political, and frustrating as hell. In short, it is wicked.

Nancy RobertsInternational Public Management Review

Value of WPS techniques:

  • Teams gain ability to collaborate online with tools (tech & cognitive) to maximize productivity

  • Enables group design that gets everyone involved & on the same page quickly

  • Fosters buy-in & participation

  • Provides shared workspace for sketching ideas

  • Offers “plays” to run & make progress

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