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Standards-Based IT Paradigm Shifts


Approach - Analysis - Planning - Implementation


Implemented - Taught - Customized - Leveraged

Hello! I’m Buck Field.

"Buck has fascinating things to say about where we can go - an amazing background. He's really done it all from A to Z."

Catherine AsaroScientist, Author, Educator, Musician

"In 10 minutes you just figured out something that took my team 2 weeks..."

Steven L. KwastLt. Gen - US Air Force Space Command

"You're right! In tech companies, revolutionary paradigms are more prevalent...and they're necessary for transformative progress."

Clifford Keenan, PMPUSAF / Defense Industry Consultant

"Buck gives a best explanation of groupthink and linkage to the agile principle of simplicity."

Rosemary HossenloppLeader: PMI Organizational Project Management Community

"What would it take to get you to join us full-time?"

Mike O'neillSenior Vice President, eCommerce - Citi

"I'm full of food for thought - Thanks to Buck Field."

Edward Wright PhDElingburg Distinquished Professor of Business Innovation, Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programs & Activities

"I really enjoyed the way Buck took us on a journey through the historical decisions that may not have led us on the right path."

Amy MillmanFounder & President - Springboard Enterprises

"WOW! What an absolutely great presentation. Buck is a very knowledgeable person and I will definitely look for the suggested books."

Alejandro Valdes, PMPDirector of Project Management, AT&T Mexico City

"Buck's presentations strengthen my thinking and understanding."

Larry TuttleProgram Management SME at ASRC

"Buck's paradigm of becoming 'detectives of the future' - What a mindset change for us PM's!"

Rosemary HossenloppLeader: PMI Organizational Project Management Community

I'd like to thank Buck Field...I know you stayed up some long nights!

Dr. Mae JemisonNASA Astronaut, Physician, Engineer

"We want to express our great appreciation for your effort and contribution and look forward to continued collaboration."

Phyllis MatticePitkin County Deputy Manager



With jokes, optical illusions, and scientific revolutions to guide us, we build clear, structured understanding of paradigm transformation. We learn to identify assumptions, to redefine thinking of ourselves and those we serve. We discover what kinds of cognitive change produces new possibilities...and punchlines!

Sec 1 – Basic History / Theory / Practice

Working through exemplars of cognitive transformations, we construct concept graphs and identify the changes that distinguish scientific theories as revolutionary, jokes as funny, or images as optical illusions. Homework: bring in 2 jokes, 2 optical illusions, and 2 transformative advances for group analysis.

Sec 2 – Solving Current Problems

We practice our new skills on the homework examples, review team project(s), and collaborate with some Wicked Problem Solving techniques. Team members start delivering insights to current challenges with skills they can pass on to customers, clients, and throughout the organization.

Sec 3 – Resilience

Things *will* go wrong. Let's make, identify, and correct our mistakes faster and less expensively with agile creativity. Session 3 dives into current and upcoming projects & engagements. We explore agile creativity and resilience: the synergy generated by harnessing our endurance and leveraging individual empowerment.




Dependable team player, trusted advocate, strategic resource, and entertaining, informative speaker.


Heartfelt passion to excel beyond expectations, defined roles, and good-enough requirements.

Servant Leadership

Recognize everyone's unique experiences, perspectives, and knowledge. We use the resources we have to support the goals of the people who support our operations.


In no particular order: Integrity, Passion, Humor, Truth, Honesty, Empathy, Wisdom, Intelligence, Creativity.

Challenges inspire us to discover
and become more than we are today.

What is your inspiring challenge?
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Field Operative

Creating new organizational intelligence via standards-based, transformative information projects, i.e.: Revolution, by the book

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